Workflow Plus Free fields

300 Extra free fields, Formatting and HTML code, Hyperlinks in your workflow request

This add-on ensures you have more than 300 free fields extra in any workflow request. These extra free fields can be set as mandatory, as default and per status a free field can be set as editable or non-editable. Free fields are available in standard searches and pivot analysis views

Features are

  • 65 free text fields, possivle to post a clickable url
  • 50 free guid fields
  • 50 free number fields
  • 50 free yes/no fields
  • 50 free amount fields
  • 50 free date fields
  • 20 free comment fields, with freeze feature, set top or bottom, sorting, formatting (also for standard comment fields)
  • 25 attachment fields
  • Free fields are also available in Search & Pivot Analysis
  • Free fields can be used as Search criteria
  • Labels can be applied to all Free fields
  • Fields can be mandatory
  • Default values are allowed
  • Selection values can be used