Epicor integration

cold chain technologies


A provider of insulated packaging solutions with offices in US, Latin America, Europe and Asia

The company is a long-time user of Macola in combination with Synergy. The company decided to move to a new ERP system Epicor in 2019 but wanted to keep Synergy. Synergy is used throughout all areas of the company. Three things that Synergy does well for them is Synergy’s document management, workflow management system and the association of all the different entities in their different databases.


GLM bridged the gap between Epicor and Exact Synergy with the use of ConnectIt. Before the integration started GLM built out ConnectIt with an Epicor provider. After this was completed ConnectIt was implemented.

The implementation is an on-going process, changes that have been realized:

  • Procurement
  • RPA
  • Training matrix



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