integration shopee and lazada with Exact Globe

sleepwell group


A manufacturer of mattresses, furniture, textiles, pillows and more

The company is a user of Exact Globe. The company decided to do eCommerce integration. The channels they use for their eCommerce activities are Shopee and Lazada. Project goals were the automation of incoming sales orders and keep stock up-to-date on Shopee and Lazada and provide a platform that makes it easy to enable other eCommerce platforms. 

GLM bridged the gap between eCommerce platforms Shopee and Lazada using Exact Synergy in combination with ConnectIt. Shopee and Lazada are both having an open API. ConnectIt was not having providers neither for Shopee nor for Lazada. Therefore first step in the project was to build out ConnectIt with 2 new providers. After this was completed the integration was configured. Sales orders in Exact Globe are automatically created, stock in Shopee and Lazada is automatically uodated

Project key features:

  • Goal: integration Shopee and Lazada with Exact Globe
  • Implementation time: 6 months
  • Software: Exact Synergy, Exact Globe, Exact RPA